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The Landing At Pultneyville

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1858 - 2010


Situated along the east bank of Salmon Creek on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, The Landing at Pultneyville is a popular upstate New York destination along the well-traveled Seaway Trail. Located between Rochester and Sodus Bay it offers visitors, from near and far, a unique shopping and dining experience in the midst of a historic hamlet in the Town of Williamson. The Landing is among 37 Pultneyville properties, that in 1975, became listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. 

Today, The Landing at Pultneyville celebrates the creative and culinary abundance of the region as home to Artisans' Loft ... a unique fine art and gift gallery that features the work of local, regional and nationally acclaimed artists and The Pultneyville Grill, an upscale eatery that continues the fine tradition of distinctive dining in casual waterside elegance. 



The original structure was built in the mid-1850s for local carpenters Samuel W. Roys and Captain Mervin Pallister. With meticulous attention to detail, and respect for preserving the character and integrity of this historic landmark, an extensive renovation commenced in the fall of 2004. Under the ownership of David and Nancy Lederer, the property, now known as The Landing at Pultneyville, opened for business a year later.


The primitive wooden pegs of this post-and-beam structure are still visible in the original part of the building. In 2005, it became home to Artisans' Loft, a unique second-story gallery space where history and art come alive together. The Pultneyville Grill, a full-service restaurant offering distinctive dining in a casual, waterside setting overlooking Lake Ontario, is also located on the upper level of this noted landmark.


Located in the immediate area of the War of 1812, the structure was noted as the Pallister Brothers Warehouse on the 1874 map of Pultneyville. It was owned by Albert and Captain Mervin Pallister, sons of John Pallister, an early settler in Pultneyville who in 1827 immigrated with his family to the Port of Pultneyville from Canada and became a prominent citizen in the community. According to the Commercial Press, a monthly newspaper from Pultneyville, by 1869 Samuel W. Roys, one of the original owners, had purchased a farm in Nebraska and had moved. Roys was from a noted family of famous whalers who traveled the world.




For much of its existence, the warehouse has been fondly referred to as the "old red barn" and continues to hold a treasured place in the history of Pultneyville, a quaint and charming village replete with New England-style architecture. Fruits, vegetables, cedar and locust posts, grain, coal, salt, corn meal, flour, feed, and plaster were shipped or received through the Port of Pultneyville which was also an important stop along the Underground Railroad, from which slaves making their way to new-found freedom in Canada departed. The warehouse was used to store common everyday goods used by community residents and grain was pulled to the top floor, and then transferred by way of a chute, into schooners that sailed from the creek into the waters of Lake Ontario . The property around the building was once a lumber yard supplying the needs of the area's significant steamer and schooner shipping fleet of this bustling lake port.


Pultneyville's significant maritime heritage - from ship-building to lake commerce - is impressive. Industries related to lake commerce grew simultaneously and became successful appendages of Pultneyville's shipping commerce. Coastal and Canadian trade became very important to this then-remote region of the country, having a profound impact on shaping the character of this hamlet. Many of the early vessels, including the Fred L. Wells Schooner , were built in, and sailed to and from this once thriving port. The schooner was owned by Captain Mervin Pallister and his brother Albert and could often be seen docked in Salmon Creek along side of the warehouse. It was the last schooner to sail from the Port of Pultneyville as the shipping and mercantile activities in this upstate New York hamlet dwindled in the late 1800s with the advent of the railroad located just 3 miles south.


Captain Pallister commanded the Fred L. Wells and was the last of Pultneyville's lake captains. He was described as "a well-known, lovable character known far and wide for his kindly humor." He married Addie Robison in 1868 and lived in what is known in 2008, as the Connors home on Mill Street. He died in 1926.




In the 21st century, Pultneyville remains a picturesque historic hamlet in the Town of Williamson reflecting the charm and quaintness of long ago. Steeped in history, it continues to take pride in preserving its past and sharing its interesting history with visitors from near and far. Its port, though quieter than in the mid-1850s, is just as scenic. Its coastline remains dotted with traces of a historic past.


Throughout the years, the building which for over 150 years was known as the Pallister Brothers Warehouse, had few owners and saw few changes until its extensive renovation.



Pallister Brothers Warehouse built and property used as a lumber yard


Roys & Pallister commenced Forwarding and Commercial business keeping flour, salt, plaster and other goods on hand



Captain Pallister built cottages in back of his warehouse and rented them on weekends to folk who came to Pultneyville's Crescent Beach, a popular lakeside destination for relaxation and fishing until the mid-1900s



Captain Pallister dies; Bill Dunning purchased and takes over Pallister Brothers Warehouse and Lumberyard



Burcroff Marine Construction Company was formed by Robert Burcroff , Sr. and Robert Valore who purchased the land from Mr. Dunning's estate. The company installed reinforcement along creek bed and built an addition onto the warehouse.



Burcroff Marine Construction business folds. The land and warehouse are rented to Marine Resources, Inc. and then to Juhn and Dissen who purchased Marine Resources, Inc.


Dissen and Juhn moved and warehouse is vacated. Fred Cornwall and Tom Dawes rented the property and warehouse   from Robert Valore. The Pultneyville Marine Company was formed with the purpose to sell sail and marine supplies to the Yacht Club and Mariners Club. Instead, emphasis becomes support of the sport-fishing base.


A public ramp is constructed behind the "old red barn" to support boat launch and recreational fishing.


Recreational fishing grows, averaging 50 charters per year for each of 20 to 30 charter fishing boats departing from docks along side the warehouse.


David and Nancy Lederer [KBL Corporation] purchased the Mill Street property on east side of Salmon Creek on which the Post Office, Pallister Brothers Warehouse and the Salmon Creek House are situated and renovation of warehouse space commences.


The newly renovated warehouse opens for business as The Landing at Pultneyville, a retail venue, and becomes home to an   ice cream shop, guest docks, The Pultneyville Grill, a full-service restaurant offering distinctive dining in a casual waterside setting, and Artisans' Loft - a unique fine art and gift gallery featuring the creative works of local, regional and nationally acclaimed artists.

Having become a popular meeting place and noted bus tour destination, The Landing at Pultneyville hosted a bus tour from Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery. The landing has fast become a convenient location and popular meeting place for regional and statewide organizations such as the Seaway Trail, Inc. which held their annual meeting at The Landing in Pultneyville.

In September of 2006, a contingency of visitors from China traveling by bus along the Seaway Trail visit The Landing for a unique cultural, educational, shopping and dining experience. Interested in establishing a similar trail in their part of the world, visitors were intent on learning about Pultneyville's connection and relationship to the trail, as well as marketing efforts to position The Landing at Pultneyville as a popular upstate New York destination along this well traveled, well-marked, scenic alternative to traveling interstate highways and toll roads. The Landing at Pultneyville was honored for the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to its visitors from China as they explored this 454-mile route paralleling Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River which takes visitors to quaint villages, such as Pultneyville, that are remembered for a lifetime.


Realizing a need for additional space, Artisans' Loft doubled its size by adding a 700 square foot exhibition and event gallery on the lower level of The Landing at Pultneyville. This space will be used for art exhibits, opening receptions and special events. It opened February 11, 2007 with the inaugural exhibit in its 2007 "For the Love of Art" series featuring a Focus on Photography and Printmaking. The opening reception was attended by several hundred guests who enjoyed meeting the featured artists - photographers, Tom Lightfoot and Michael Shults, and printmaker, Zerbe Sodervick - all local artists. This new space is also available for special events. Inquiries and reservations can be made by contacting nhance@artisansloft.net .


As part of the annual Pultneyville Homecoming festivities, Artisans' Loft hosted it's first "Christmas in July" show and sale.  The show featured decorative Nantucket Basket Santas and a line of elegantly handcrafted Santa's by Kargee and Me, as well as heirloom holiday paintings by area artists.


On October 20, 2007, Artisans' Loft hosted a special guest appearance and book signing by Georgia Durante, author of The Company She Keeps.  Guests were mesmerized as Georgia shared her compelling life's story at a sold-out luncheon. Georgia, who now resides in Hollywood, grew up in East Rochester, New York. As a successful model and stuntwoman, Gerogia takes the reader to many dangerous times and glamourous locations. Her beauty led her into the world of modeling . . . her daring led her into the world of the mob . . .her will helped her survive an abusive marriage.  Georgia's story of survival and determination teaches and inspires others to reach for their dreams and build their successes. A limited supply of books are available in the gallery.


In the spirit of the season, Artisans' Loft hosted a Holiday Decor Show and Sale

Thanksgiving weekend.  The show featured creative traditional and contemporary holiday decorations by Kris & Kate, well-known designers from the greater Rochester area.  At this event, the Loft also hosted book signings by two local authors ... Fran

Cruikshank with her book, The Not So Perfect Christmas Tree and Eileen Loveman, author of George and Bob stories.  Both books are available in the gallery.

Also during the month of November, Relish, Pultneyville's first-ever upscale restaurant closed after bringing the tradition of fine dining in casual waterside elegance to Pultneyville, soon to be reopened as The Pultneyville Grill.


Just in time to host holiday celebrations, The Pultneyville Grill opens in The Landing at Pultneyville.  Continuing the tradition of distinctive dining in a casual waterside setting,

the Grill, and along with Artisans' Loft will continue to offer visitors from near and far, a unique dining and shopping experience.



The Pultneyville Grill brings "Rajun Cajun" cuisine and culture to Pultneyville.  With the advent of the New Year, the Grill introduced its first-ever series of Cajun Nights every Wednesday evening, offering a spiced-up menu in addition to regular menu items.


Continuing to build momentum, the Grill invited customers to dine on Fat Tuesday in celebration of Mardi Gras.  Patrons enjoyed trying new menu items and a lively time was had by all!

Then came Valentine's Day and a special Valentine's weekend menu accompanied by a pleasing new selection of wines and spirits.  A full house of passionate diners not only enjoyed an evening out, but an exceptional array of culinary creations prepared by Chef Tim and staff.


In response to customer interest, The Pultneyville Grill extends its Sunday menu to include an a'la carte Brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. starting March 2nd.  A special menu featuring homemade brunch fare, in addition to regular lunch items, fast becomes a Pultneyville favorite.  On March 23rd, Easter Sunday Brunch was a sold-out culinary experience to be long-remembered!


The Landing at Pultneyville celebrates the opening of a new three story mixed-used structure on the site of the former Salmon Creek House. Specializing in high quality authentic Asian antique furniture, art, porcelain and collectibles, Moongate Gallery & Antiques opened as the first retail tenant in the new building on 08-08-08. Proprietors are Tom and Sherry Watson of Pultneyville and the opening of their retail venue at The Landing makes historic Pultneyville an even more popular destination along the Seaway Trail.



The Pultneyville Grill hosts the first in a series of sold-out, by reservation only, Wine Dinners, specializing in food and wine pairings featuring New York wines.


Pultneyville area businesses join together in collaborative marketing efforts to attract

a greater number of visitors to the region.  Among this year's projects are the placement of a billboard on Route 104, a rack card with placement in over 150 locations, a full color picturesque insert in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and a new web site, www.pultneyville.com, all featuring reasons to make Historic Pultneyville a destination.


The Pultneyville Grill hosts another in its series of sold-out Wine Dinners featuring Fox Run Winery, recently named in the top 100 wineries in the world by Wine & Spirits Magazine.


The Landing at Pultneyville becomes even more of a "stylish" upstate New York destination with the opening of a third retail venue.  Specializing in home decor, proprietor Elizabeth Butler opened BeaLine Interiors & Accessories at 4137 Mill Street, next to Moongate Gallery & Antiques.

The Pultneyville Grill hosts a Young Sommer and Thorpe Vineyard Wine Dinner featuring 2009 medal-winning wines of two local vintners - both proud members of the newly established Lake Ontario Wine Trial.

Just in time for the holidays, Artisans' Loft hosted its second annual "Heirloom Holiday" event the first weekend in November, featuring the work of over 60 local, regional and nationally acclaimed artists.


On December 7th, The Pultneyville Grill hosted another event in its popular series of Wine Dinners featuring the award-winning wines of Sheldrake Point Winery, a Cayuga Lake winery specializing in the production of estate wines.

In the spirit of the season, the retail venues at The Landing at Pultnevyille hosted a festive shopping event on December 13th from 3 to 6 p.m. and welcomed friends and neighbors as they browsed & shopped at Artisans' Loft, BeaLine Interiors and Moongate Gallery & Antiques. With a purchase at any of the three shops, shoppers were given an opportunity to register for a drawing to win a Holiday Gift Basket brimming with gift certificates and items from The Pultneyville Grill, Moongate Gallery & Antiques, Bealine Interiors and Artisans' Loft.  Congratulations to this years recipient, Betsy Hoefen from Rochester, NY. 



Tom and Sherry Watson of Pultneyville became executive managers of The Pultneyville Grill just in time to greet the summer season and guests from both near and far.